When VPN
becomes intelligent | meets Antivirus | fuses with IPS network security system | combines with Web Application Firewall

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Complex protection

Antivirus and Firewall are not enough to protect against the latest malware and network threats

  • Most exploits today are delivered via the web and email, and pass through firewalls undetected
  • Attackers disguise threats as known safe applications to bypass your firewall
  • Firewalls don't protect you from Application-layer attacks such as file inclusion, SQL Injections, cross-site forgery etc.
  • Current exploit kits morph malware to escape antivirus detection
  • Firewalls do not stop stolen data being sent to attacker's command server

Sophisticated protection against complex threats

The Hiddenius VPN client on your computer integrates Antivirus and Firewall; the Hiddenius VPN server includes an Intrusion Prevention System and Web Application Firewall. All parts work as a single system to provide state-of-the-art protection.

Key Concepts

Antivirus client: malware blocking protection software installed on your computer.

IPS (Intrusion Prevention System): generally, is associated with a firewall, an IPS monitor network traffic and has the ability to block or prevent network access.

WAF (Web Application Firewall): WAFs work on the application layer and scan contents of HTTP traffic - GET, POST, SSL, URL, session management, JavaScript, AJAX, ActiveX, etc.


Antivirus would stop CryptoLocker by blocking the installation and encryption behavior mechanism on computer, sending the threat signature to Hiddenius VPN server IPS, which would block outbound communication from the malware to its attacker Command and Control server.

In the case that there is another computer without Antivirus, just Hiddenius VPN client installed. CryptoLocker would not be blocked on computer due to Antivirus absence, on the other hand, traffic to attacker command server would be blocked on IPS level. IPS-VPN server sends suggestion to install and run Antivirus scan on infected computer.

VPN scheme

VPN as network

VPN in action

Protection at risk

A zero-day threat is a threat that exploits an undiscovered computer security vulnerability. Detection can take days, a patch release even months.

Early detection and protection is the key

The connected network of Hiddenius VPN clients provides early threat detection and powerful security processing.

Network threat detection and processing system

VPN client integrated with Antivirus and Firewall on your computer + Intrusion Prevention System + Web Application Firewall on VPN server = Network threat detection and processing system.

Artificial-neural network

Imagine, you could connect to an artificial-neural network created by other users. VPN clients would act as neurons, connected with other VPN clients via VPN servers.

This would not be a simulation, but a real neural network, capable of evolution – it becomes more effective as greater numbers of VPN clients are simultaneously connected.


Will Hiddenius VPN be compatible with any antivirus?

At the moment, we have a relationship with one major antivirus company, but are open to supporting others.

Will an artificial-neural network be available for public use?

At a later stage of development, we would like to make our artificial-neural network functions available for scientific research purposes.

When will Hiddenius VPN product release date be officially announced?

Hiddenius is still in early development stages. The official release date has not yet been announced.

I have antivirus software installed. Why should I use VPN?

VPN protects your device, identity and privacy. Unlike other VPN services, Hiddenius VPN benefits from Antivirus integration and provides additional online security including an Intrusion Prevention System and Web Application Firewall on the VPN server. Threats are processed in real time and signatures distributed across the network.

Can Hiddenius be customized for industrial or research purposes?

Our roadmap includes plans to expose various process functions within a custom neural network scripting language, including scenario support for automotive industry, speech and image recognition, machine translation, social network filtering, playing board and video games, medical diagnosis, and others. Use the contact form below if you would like to find out more.

Can I get a free trial before buying?

Free trial versions are planned, but not yet available.

Hiddenius is an integrated VPN/AV solution or standalone VPN product?

Both versions are planned. Hiddenius as integrated VPN/Antivirus (we have a relationship with one major antivirus company) and Hiddenius VPN standalone compatible with any antivirus.


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