When VPN
becomes intelligent | meets Antivirus | fused with IPS network security system | combined with Web Application Firewall

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Complex protection

Are Antivirus and Firewall enough protection against contemporary malware and network threats?

  • Most exploits are delivered via the web and email, both are allowed through firewalls
  • An attacker can disguise an application to look like another and bypass the firewall
  • Firewalls don't protect protect you from Application-layer attacks such as file inclusion, SQL Injections, cross-site forgery etc.
  • Current exploit kits morphs malware so it is not detectable by antivirus
  • Firewalls do not stop data theft outgoing to attacker command server

To provide a complex protection

Antivirus and Firewall integrated with Hiddenius VPN client on your computer, Intrusion prevention system and Web application firewall on VPN server – benefit from each other to provide a complex protection.

To make it simple

Antivirus client is file type blocking protection associated with software.

IPS (Intrusion prevention system) generally is associated with a firewall, monitors network traffic and has the ability to block or prevent access after its detection.

WAF (Web application firewall) works on the application layer, can see contents of HTTP traffic - GET, POST, SSL, URL, session management, Javascript, AJAX, ActiveX etc.


Antivirus would stop CryptoLocker by blocking the installation and encryption behavior mechanism on computer, sends analysis information/signature to VPN server IPS and IPS would block it by blocking traffic to its attacker Command and Control server.

There is another computer without Antivirus, just VPN client installed. CryptoLocker would not be blocked on computer due to Antivirus absence, on the other hand, traffic to attacker command server would be blocked on IPS level. IPS-VPN server sends suggestion to install and run Antivirus scan on infected computer.

VPN scheme

VPN as smart network

VPN in action

Protection at risk

A zero-day threat is a threat that exploits an unknown computer security vulnerability. Detection can take days, patch release even months.

Early detection and protection is the key

VPN clients connected to artificial-neural network created by other VPN users acts as threat detection and security processing mechanism.

Artificial-neural network

Let's imagine, you have an option to connect to artificial-neural network created by other users. VPN clients would act as neurons, connected via VPN servers with other VPN clients.

We would not have neural network simulation model but it's real implementation. We would have a brain capable of evolvement – it becomes more effective with greater numbers of simultaneously connected VPN clients.

Network threat detection and processing system

Antivirus and Firewall integrated with VPN clients/servers + IPS + WAF + learning mechanism = network threat detection and processing system.


Will be an artificial-neural network available for the public use?

At a later stage of development, artificial-neural network functions could be available for scientific purposes and experts.

How would be possible to use its functions?

VPN clients would have various process functions based on scenarios.

How would be scenarios created?

Custom neural network scripting language executing process logic above connected VPN clients would be developed.

What process functions within scenarios can be implemented?

Implementation example: Boolean values {0,1}, Real-valued Circuits …

Do we have scenarios examples?

Scenarios for automotive industry, speech and image recognition, machine translation, social network filtering, playing board and video games, medical diagnosis …

Why should not have a software neural network simulation model on one powerful computer?

Potential is in real implementation and dynamic amount of simultaneously connected clients.


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